ANN is based in Berlin - an often written phrase these days. But in this case its existential truth. Born in Berlin, witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, survived the Techno dawn in the 90’s and accompanied the development of the city into a cultural melting pot.

Not many beings have experienced rapidly changing systems between order, No Man's Land and post-national society. A mind shaped by ideals and dispersed in time. So it isn’t surprising that ANN’s musical work is an always transforming haze of polyrhythmic grooves, hypnotic synth sequences  and amorphic textures. A unworried approach in crafting sounds and an enlightened mixture of the analog and digital domains leads to constantly changing but distinctive pieces.

Giving the formless a shape and shaping the formless. This seems to be the purpose of this POOLcast's episode. ANN bends spinning black structures nearly to the infinity and reshaping them one after another into a vast new one.

Reimagining the black twelve.


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